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Name: Daneille S. Cotterell
Age: 23
DOB: 09/29/1990
POB: Kingston, Jamaica
Danni Is (a): Fashionista, Music Addict,
Blogger, Graphic / Web Designer.

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TV Shows:
Scandal, The Originals, OUAT, Criminal Minds, TVD, PPL, Friends, The Nanny, Revenge, TWD, Reba.
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so much shade on my dash…



Left: detail of Christ Blessing surrounded by a Donor Family.
Unknown German Painter 1560 - Right: 2 Chainz

These happened once upon a time. They were actually the way I introduced Kill Pink to the world. Y’all had me up til 7 and 8 in the morning making these things JUST to ensure on time delivery. I would literally get 50+ orders a day and it was rare for a package to leave with just one (folks literally ordered 3+ at a time as a routine). Anyway, it got hard, especially doing it by myself. Plus I didn’t want KP to be known as a jewelry brand when it wasn’t. I may have a limited edition piece or two at launch. Very limited quantities tho, since they’re all made by hand (by me and my nails πŸ˜‚). Maybe. This was my favorite stack. I’m gonna have to rock some later today for old times sake!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜› #killpink

More bracelets that I made/designed for #killpink. At launch, I’ll likely have at least one design in limited quantities for you guys. These were sooo time consuming. With all the packaging that I’m going to have to do this go round, I’m definitely going to take advantage of some of the help offered through friends and such! I went from making a few for myself and my immediate family to literally selling hundreds a week. But I def made some cute pieces, if I do say so myself.

Doing some priority listing. Still debating about these customized Kill Pink hookah pens. They’re nicotine/tar free, super smooth. Just not sure if they’re “in” for the launch. My goal is create a brand that as mahn people a possible love! Kill Pink embodies what “I” am (and won’t just include streetwear. Can’t tell all the surprises thoπŸ˜‰). Have any of you ever used hookah pens? What’s your thoughts?